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Voice of a Woman Program

The voice and worth of a woman is important in this day and age. Yet our society seems to have a lack in the proper balance of a woman’s characteristics. Xseed in Life™ will teach women that obedience does not mean a lack of value or self-worth. It is a trait that is taught through examples. The examples are older women; it is their duty to fill the younger generation of women with self-confidence and the characteristics of patience, empowerment, purity, commitment, strength, sensuality, and resilience. They are to teach this generation the definition of a lady.


Our young women will learn the balance of being independent and allowing assistance in every area of her life as she continues her education and becomes a valuable and productive member of society. She will be properly prepared whether she is conquering Wall Street or creating a healthy home for her family. The values and traits learned while in Xseed in Life™ will not only mold her into a woman, but give her the voice to speak things of necessity for our society today. 


This is be a unique rites of passage program, which teaches young girls between the ages of 13 – 25 the skills and knowledge essential for womanhood.  They speak their truth and believe in their worth based on talents, skills and interests rather than on appearance, popularity or sexuality.  Laughter, creativity, reflection, and new friendships all come together for those who are willing to discover more about themselves and their unique contributions to the world.

In the spring and fall months the rites of passage program is held in different locations of the city.


There will be follow up “sister-circles” that will meet every 2 or 3 months for the young women to fellowship and strengthen the initial bonds that were formed during the rites of passage program.  Summer retreats can be 4 or 5 days and will integrate Civic and Cultural Experiences.  Girls may also return to act as “mentors” for younger women who participate in the future. 


The Program will be private, confidential, and a safe place for young women.  We believe it is essential to have a space for young women to share, learn and grow into their potential. Some of the module lessons of Voice of a Woman include:

  • Flea Theory  

  • Female, Girl, Woman

  • Origin

  • Ancient History

  • Passions of Life

  • Life Purpose

  • Goals

  • Legacy

  • Values Clarification

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Anger Management

  • Stress Reduction

  • Problem Solving

  • Nurturing Healthy Relationships

  • Health

  • Sacred Body Care

  • Hygiene

  • STD and AIDS awareness

  • First AID

  • Nutrition

  • Oils of Life

  • Fitness

  • Self Esteem / Self Worth

  • Bullying / Cyber bullying

  • Team Building

  • Leadership

  • Sexuality Vs Sensuality

  • What Drives Us

  • A Woman's Voice

  • Finishing Touches

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