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Xseed in Life™ is a community based organization of professionals, educators, and business owners, who came together for the purpose of evolving the urban population. We strive to provide early intervention and prevention services through the mentoring relationship to youth and young adults who are at risk of educational failure, teen pregnancy, truancy and juvenile delinquency.


The strategies are designed to renovate the urban community resulting in an increase in educational absorption, self-empowerment, situational appropriateness, job skills, personal development, networking, and business acumen growth.The multi-facetted programs and events will be introduced and implemented within the community targeting youth and young adults.  We partner with stapled schools and organizations to provide a wide variety of youths to engage in Xseed in Life’s programs and events.


Xseed in Life™ aims to plant seeds of education, motivation, and training into the urban community. By redefining identity, establishing jobs, developing environmental changes, enhancing social skills, and work ethic we will mentor and nurture these seeds, assisting in the growth the economy in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Kansas City. 


Xseed in Life™ will establish itself in Kansas City within the next 2 years by transforming the social mobility of minorities. Using Strategic alliances, providing leadership, personal development, financial understanding, and social skills to the youth and young adults in the Urban Communities,  Xseed in Life™ will create a true impact for the minority population that is rivaled by none. Creating a networking system of knowledge, resources, business, technology, holistic understanding, and education, Xseed in Life™ is the growth and future of our society. Within five years, Xseed in Life™ will establish itself in 3 major Cities.

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