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Our Main Office (Kansas City):

7208 Wornall Rd. Suite C-2

Kansas City, MO 64114


​​ Tel:  816-945-2555

Fax:  816-817-7653

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How can we help you?


Would you like to make a contribution to Xseed in Life? Contact us at 816-945-2555 or donate online.


Interested in participating in, or sponsoring, one of our special events? Call 816-945-2555.

Find out more about sponsorship Message us below.

Jobs/Volunteer Opportunities

For more information on job openings or volunteer opportunities, call 816-945-2555 or message us below.


If you have questions or feedback in regard to our website, please call 816-945-2555 or message us below.


Interested in profiling a Club member, staff member or program? How about expert opinions on issues facing our youth?

Call 816-945-2555 and ask for the Marketing Department or message us below.

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The Future Ahead of Us

Xseed in Life™ knows that it is our Urban Population which descends from the masters of geometry, sciences, technology, and architecture; it is this fact that makes our community limitless.


Xseed in Life™ is making the arts, true education, and knowledge come back to our population. This is done by establishing mastery centers in which children can work towards learning true crafts and skills for today, engineering inventions, innovations, and arts in ways that they haven’t been able to truly have access to or ownership of in our time here.


We as an Urban Population need to know ourselves, understand our power, and mold the future ahead of us.

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